Wildcat Preschool Programs

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What do we do?
Onsted Preschool programs are designed to have students learn through active involvement, beginning with their peers, classroom environment, events and their own ideas.

Developmentally appropriate activities include Language Arts, Science & Discovery, Dramatic Play, Math & Manipulatives, Music, Art and Cooking.

Where is our location?
Onsted Community Schools
10109 Slee Road
Located in Onsted Elementary School

Contact Information: Call 517-467-7046

or Email - snack.k@onstedschools.us


½ Day Programs—3 & 4 yr. olds M-F
**You choose the days you need**
♦ A.M. session 7:45-11:05
♦ P.M. session 12:00-3:05

Full Day Program—4 yr. olds M-F
**You choose the days you need**
♦ 7:45 A.M.-3:05 P.M.

Free Preschool—Great Start Readiness Program
♦ 4 yr. olds (must be 4 by Sept. 1st, 2017) Monday-Thursday
♦ Full day 7:45 A.M.-3:05 P.M.

♦ Apply to qualify: lenaweefreepreschools.com

♦ Before school care hours 6:30 A.M.-7:45 A.M.
♦ After school care hours 3:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M.


How Do I Enroll My Preschooler?
Children must be between the ages of three and four years of age and fully potty-trained.

Enrollment is on a “first come, first serve basis.”

To enroll, you must turn in the following items:
1. Signed Contract Form
2. Completed Emergency Form
3. $50 registration fee (includes t-shirt)
4. Completed Immunization Record, Physical Form, and Proof of Birth Certificate

Please make checks payable to

Onsted Community Schools

How Much Does it Cost?
$50 Registration fee—includes a t-shirt. Fee for each child is due upon enrollment.

½ day programs
♦ 7:45 a.m.-11:05 a.m.
♦ 12:00 p.m.-3:05 p.m.
♦ $10 per day

All day program
♦ 7:45-3:05
♦ $25 per day

After school Latchkey
♦ 3:00-4:30 $6 daily
♦ 3:00-6:00 $10 daily
♦ Tutoring and homework help

Before school Latchkey
♦ $5.00 per morning