On-line Learning

Welcome to Online Learning! Learn at YOUR pace.

Working online is something that I feel very passionate about as an educator. 
Many students THINK that they understand online and what it takes to be successful and or how EASY it is…not true at all. In fact, I can share a few names of students that actually feel that online to them is MORE work. Yes, MORE work!

Consider whether or not you are a candidate for online learning by asking yourself a few questions such as, am I motivated outside of school to learn new material or after school does my brain go on….shut down?

Online learning happens around the clock, in fact, several students work online very late in the evenings as they are at their best vs. 8am when the first bell rings.

Think about YOUR future, YOUR career. 
Do you think that online learning will be a part of your education outside of Onsted, job training, or safety training at work? 
Be Prepared! Learn those skills now and ask questions on what it takes to be successful online.