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Onsted Community Schools offers athletic opportunities at the varsity (V), junior varsity (JV), freshman (FR), and middle school (MS) levels, within 18 different sports, totaling 50 different teams.  The Wildcats are members of the Lenawee County Athletic Association, one of the top athletic leagues in the state.  Our girls golf team is a member of IGL and our girls tennis team is a memebr of the SMITL.  Onsted also recognizes club sports such as hockey, power lifting and equestrian. Onsted Schools have three gymnasiums for basketball, competitive cheer, volleyball and wrestling.  Our outside facilities include baseball, football, soccer, tennis and track and field .  The cross country, golf and bowling teams use off-site practice facilities.

Onsted Athletics have had very successful and competitive programs that have won many league, district, regional and state championships.  Fifty percent of our students participate in various athletic programs.  The success of the athletic programs are due to the overall work ethic of our student athletes, whose common qualities include team spirit, hard work, sportsmanship, and perseverance.  Our excellent coaching staff believes in developing the social, mental and physical attributes of our student athlete.  Onsted Community Schools believe in the benefits of Educational Athletics.


Football (V/JV/MS):  LCAA Champions; 60,65,66,83,84,89,92,94,95,96,98,00,06,08  District Champions; 93,07,19  Regional Champions; 93,19 Final Four; 93,19  State Runner’s Up; 93
Boy’s Cross Country (V/MS):  LCAA Champions; 80,81,82,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,02,03  Regional Champions;  78,86,87,89,92,02,03
Girl’s Cross Country (V/MS):  LCAA Champions; 92, 21, 22  Regional Champions; 85,86,87,89  State Runner’s Up; 91 State Champions; 92
Volleyball (V/JV/FR/MS):  LCAA Champions; 93,95,10,12, 19  District Champions 92,04,09, 17, 19, 20, 21
Regional Champions; 92, 21 
Boy’s Soccer (V/JV): ISL Champions; 13  District Champions; 09. 22
Girl’s Golf (V): IGL Champions; 12,13 Regional Champions; 19


Boy’s Basketball (V/JV/FR/MS):  LCAA Champions; 59,70,81,83,94,96,04,11,12,16, 22, 23  District Champions; 59,60,61,65,66,70,80,81,83,15,16, 22  Regional Champions; 83
Girl’s Basketball (V/JV/MS):  LCAA Champions; 82,83,87,92,94,95,11,12,13  District Champions; 82,83,91,92 
Competitive Cheer (V/JV/MS):  LCAA Champions; 94,95,96,97,98,00,14,15, 16  Regional Champions; 94,98,99,00,06  State Runner’s Up; 94
Wrestling (V/JV/MS):  District Champions; 98,01,09,11, 18, 19, 20
Boy’s Bowling (V/JV)  Girl’s Bowling (V/JV): LCAA Champions; 17


Baseball (V/JV):  LCAA Champions; 73,16, 22  District Champions; 80,89,93,94,98,99,00,01,02,16,17, 19, 22 Regional Champions 01 
Boy’s Golf (V/JV): LCAA Champions; 73,74,75,82,83,91, 16, 17,18  Regional Champions; 74,82
Girl’s Soccer (V/JV):  ISL Champions; 07
Softball (V/JV):  LCAA Champions; 81,82,86,10,11  District Champions; 76, 15
Boy’s Track and Field (V/MS):  LCAA Champions; 79,82,87,88,89,90,92,05,06,11,14, 23  Regional Champions; 90,92
Girl’s Track and Field (V/MS):  LCAA Champions; 86,89,90,91,92,95,09,10,11,12,13,14,17, 18,19, 21, 22  Regional Champions; 90,91,92,09, 22  State Runner’s Up; 91  State Champions; 89,90
Girl’s Tennis (V/JV)

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